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Telephone Survey.

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A telephone survey is a methodical selection of information from sample inhabitants using a standardized questionnaire. A telephone survey is a technique of public opinion polling where telephone numbers are used to contact potential respondents, either from the general population or from a known sample. Of all the methods employed in public opinion polling, telephone surveys are the recommended choice to recommended rates, as well as to maintain control over the quality of the information. Telephones are an effective method for obtaining public opinion because nearly all residents of the U.S. have access to a telephone. Also, telephone surveys allow for data to be collected in a complete and accurate format at the time of the interview by trained professional interviewers.
Telephone surveys are also used to evaluate the market practicality of new products or services ideas, and to compare views of competitors’ strong points and weaknesses. Telephone surveys answer questions such as:
What percentages of my competitors’ clients are enthusiastic about my item or service?
How huge are different areas within a geographical region?
What is the industry information of my clients vs. those of competitors?
If clients buy my new item, what earnings are likely to be produced in a year?
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