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Data cleansing & Scrubbing.

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Data scrubbing/cleansing, is the process of improving or eliminating data in a data source that is incorrect, imperfect, poorly partitioned, or copied. An organization in a data-intensive field like financial, insurance, marketing, telecoms, or transport might use a knowledge washing device to consistently analyze data for faults by using rules, methods, and look-up platforms. Typically, a data source washing device includes programs that are capable of solving a number of specific type of errors, such as adding losing zip codes or finding copy records. Using a knowledge washing device can save a data source manager a lot of time and can be less costly than solving errors personally.
During the cleansing procedures, all records are scrutinized for consistency and precision – and then are corrected or deleted as warranted. Techniques used for data cleansing are versatile and can be used on single sets of data or multiple records that work together and/or need to be merged.
The issues involved in data washing, style, transforming and planning for publish are so time consuming and so accurate that it is practical to delegate select elements of the venture to an established company with comprehensive experience in information migration.
We offer a cleansing service to fresh and tidy-up your data. Based on your specifications this may involve:
. The recognition and removal of duplicated records
. The recognition and labeling of identical information with subsequent manual review
. The removal of unwarranted and incorrect records
. The removal of obsolete data
. Data approval and validation
. The evaluation and removal of information related third party information, such as the opt-in and opt-out list
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