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Form Processing.

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In the course of our lifestyles we complete thousands of types – surveys, tests, application forms, insurance claims etc. Some of these types are organized and some are unstructured. Companies have to gather those types and get the information into a computer. Forms handling includes doing this efficiently. A picture application for handling printed types. Forms handling systems often use OCR engines and data approval workouts to extract hand-written or printed information from types that go into a data source.
This method can improve data processing by using predefined layouts and configurations. A design in this case, would be a map of the papers, detail where the information areas are situated within the type or papers. As opposed to guide information access process, automated type feedback systems are more suitable, since they help reduce the problems experienced during manual data processing.
Forms processing is a process whereby information joined into information areas is converted into digital form:
* Forms themselves are scanned and stored as images.
* Entered information are “captured” from their specific fields

By utilizing Onix’s leading document modification technologies to categorize, individual and draw out information from any papers, regardless of type, content or structure, Onix Transformation Segments allows an company to make use of a single solution for automating papers and computer projects for information-intensive business process. With user-friendly and effective installation abilities, a growing list of packed straight and horizontally industry add-ons and pre-configured solutions, companies that set up Onix can achieve a fast and highly scalable benefit on the investment.
In a low quantity system, this is how a common types forms processing would work:
* An individual laptop or computer is used for the scanner and the forms processing software
* A set of finished types is scanned using a scanner
* Forms with no concerns are sent instantly to your information source or spreadsheet
* Any doubtful areas are analyzed by only one operator
* Verified information and a duplicate of the picture is stored into a information source or spreadsheet
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