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Android Development.

Project Description

We provide OCAPE (Onix Certified Android Professional Expert) a comprehensive suit and comprehensive assistance in the development of mobile application on the Android Platform to our prestigious clients. Our specialists are veterans in the Java programming language and are fit to fumes any challenge to develop feature-rich android application services. Java Programming Language is utilized as a fundamental building block and back bone for Android Application Development that permits developers to to project exhaustive requisition on Java that runs on Android Mobile.

Our sound and capable Android programmers have exhibited their expertise on the global podium in the following skill sets like the Android’s Applications Framework, Android Dalvik Virtual Machine, Data Storage and Retrieval using SQLite , XML, web-services, Handle Media Support for audio and video, GSM, 3G and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Edge GPS, Compass and accelerometer Screen Elements like View-groups, Views, Tree Structured UI, Layout and many more such android services to offer our client.

Project Details

  • Date July 11, 2013
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Big Opportunity in Allahabad to feel the Power of Android