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Web Hosting.

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If you are looking to run your business or promote it using the internet, the first and the foremost requirement is the creation of a website and in order to sustain it for a long period of time on the internet, web hosting is extremely necessary. It improves the online presence as well as the accessibility of your website which in turn increases its rank to a great extent. Whenever users, look for a website, it is downloaded from the web server into the user’s browser. Poor web hosting services will prevent an easy access to your website thereby harming your online campaign. Though plenty of companies providing web hosting services are easily available in the market, you should be extremely careful in selecting the right one for your business.

Types of web hosting

Web hosting services can be classified into a number of categories such as free or virtual, shared, dedicated, collocated and reseller hosting. Virtual hosting is composed of a number of websites sharing a single server and comes at a cheap rate. Powerful computers are used for housing the web server so that a large number of websites can be hosted smoothly at the same time. Continuous monitoring is required on the part of the host in order to prevent low server response. On the other hand, dedicated hosting employs the use of a specific server for a single customer. It enables you to host a number of websites smoothly, adjust the software configuration, scale the bandwidth and manage a greater volume of traffic on the website as well. Since it is usually expensive, it is used by websites facing high traffic.
Free hosting is useful if you are not a professional and looking to set up a personal website. Though collocated hosting is similar to dedicated hosting, it is more expensive and enables the consumer to own the server hardware rather than hiring it. Reseller hosting is particularly useful for companies or individuals who are interested in starting their own web servers so that they can host other parties at reduced rates. Web consultants, designers or developers generally tend to go for this type of web hosting. In case of any problem, the user needs to contact the reseller who in turn, needs to contact the actual host.

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Factors which need to be considered

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Web space is one of the prime aspects and must be evaluated properly depending on the size of the website. For example a simple website can do away with 50MB but a more complex one will require more space. Space is determined by the amount of disk space on the web server which is available for customer’s files, databases and images. The volume of data which is transmitted from the web server to the user’s browser is known as bandwidth and plays an important role in selecting the host. A website composed of images, video and audio files consumes a greater bandwidth than a one having simple content. Some other factors such as databases, email, server type, server side scripting and file transfer protocol must also be evaluated carefully before selecting the web hosting services.
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