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Web Research & Data Extraction.

Web research

A lot of web research is needed to carry out in order to get the best information. You need to make sure that you get the perfect service so that you get the relevant information that would suit your specifications. It is important for you to first gather the right information on the past records that would help you to know whether it would be the right one for you. You also have to make sure to know the fees that you need to pay for their services so that you can remain yourself updated as well.Copy the product details from an e-commerce webpage into database


Data extraction

It is a process of extracting data from semi structured and not structured electronic documents. It is highly useful for huge organization that helps in the extraction of huge number of data. You can get database extraction where you would be able to make a good research on the latest offers and prices and also the customer reviews and opinions can be extracted without taking much time.  So it depends on the requirement of the company. It is also important to choose web data extraction that reads text data and that too from a targeted website. You can get the right information at the right time so that you do not waste any of your time by making any sort of wrong strategic decisions. It would surely be able to shape the goals of your business. It would also lead you to acquire real estate data, survey and analysis and so on. Unless you make good efforts to get experienced technical staff it would be difficult to get your business on the move. You also need to make sure that you get cost effective prices as well. In other words, you would find that you have been able to increase market coverage in a very short duration of time which would help you experience increase in profits for your business. So get the right services at the best price and make you business grow and reach the zenith without any problem

The client is beginning an online stores / e-commerce webpage to offer all products available on his company’s webpage. He needs all the product details from the company’s webpage. The major challenge is that there are more than 10,000 items on the targeted webpage and all items should be stored in the exactly same format into a data source (Access or any relational database) with all possible product details.

v     We provide the following web analysis / web data extraction:

v     Data Mining: Data extraction and display scrapping solutions to excel, access, MS-SQL or MySQL tables, comma delimited data file.

v     Web Search, address and email search, subscriber list Look for find contact information of the specific target group.

v     Online investigation and building data source in Microsoft Office. Collecting details from sites to an Excel spreadsheet, Access file, or any structured data source format.

v     Web Mining and Research Searching the web and creating lists of target sites and then collecting details from these sites.

v     Web search and product analysis to fill the data source for your e-commerce sites / online stores

v     Online Form Entry and Submission

v     Marketing/sales support solutions, e.g. researching the market, survey and analysis, gathering details about competitors’ costs.

v     Web Research and Online Data Entry or Web-to-Web Entry for upgrading your web stores

Web Search and Record, e.g. looking for the online newspapers for the latest costs information, or extracting and reviewing information stories online news sources.

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